Monday, September 19, 2011

Crazy weekend!

After Patty left for spain reality kicked in, big time! I had to work Friday and Saturday-two intense shifts- to start off the weekend but something happened by the end of Friday. I was taking care of 3 girls for my last table of the night and after taking there order I asked them if they were on a vacation or local, the usual spiel I do with guest. and they told me they were local. So I asked what part of Florida they were from and they all gave me three different cities/towns/areas whatever and I was curious to know how they all know each other and what are the chances they tell me they're all make-up artist!

So of course I tell them I'm going to be a photographer and that if they ever need any pictures taken to let me know and they agreed! After that, nothing really progressed and I thought they actually forgot about the whole photography thing but sure enough when they left for the night I was left this

So be sure to hit up Jessica if you need an awesome make-up artist!

Isn't it crazy how life unfolds sometimes? 

After the two intense days of work I was able to start some of my paper that's due wednesday. After getting the first of 3 pages done I was able to take a break and relax since Christian was having a party for all the new people at Electric Umbrella (his location at Disney). The party was awesome and I got to meet so many new people that Ill hopefully be able to get to know them more throughout the semester!

With all the Chaos going on with me right now finishing a paper, reading a play, starting my group project for the semester, submitting photos for this contest at school, joining this photo competition outside of school, working, creating this video for valencia for a scholarship, AND creating my website

I'm glad I can still look at life and laugh.

Night Everyone!

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