Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not having a lot is a good thing

I don't really know how to start this, so I'm just gonna say it. I'm moving

There I said it!

Now I should probably explain myself. I am moving because my roommate, Alex, is moving back home to North Carolina due to personal reasons not working out with her plans, its sad and I'll miss her, BUT she'll be back by next fall which is a plus! But on another note I'm not gonna be living in this two bedroom apartment by myself... 

So where am I going you might ask? well I will be moving in with my friend Christian who also happens to be Alex's boyfriend :) I've known them both for over a year now and love them to death so everything will still be alright, the only downside we'll probably be having to wake up a little earlier to get to class since I'll be living farther away from campus and work. 

So I've been packing yesterday and I realized having a little amount of stuff is short, sweet, simple and convenient because I really don't need to have a lot of things. I noticed I've made it this long with not too much stuff and I like it, it's pretty nice and I'm not stressed, double bonus! 

Last night after packing, Alex, Christian, our friend from New Zealand, Bekah and I went out to dinner and Buffalo Wild Wings after with some other firends, because nothing screams partying/clubbing then going to Bdubs on their clubbing nights! ;)

here's a few from last night!

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