Friday, June 22, 2012

Spring Awakening

*Note: the following post is a reflection on this past Saturday and Sundays Shenanigans *

Me- via text-"what do I wear!?!?!"
Ainsley-via text-"I don't care just hurry your ass up in the city!"

You see me and Ainsley have an interesting friendship that consisted of meeting on facebook because we're both doing the Disney College Program together! trouble is, she lives in Philadelphia.....

*two weeks prior to Spring awakening*

Me- "you should totally come to chicago and rage with me before we get down to florida!! its gonna be sick with the line up they have INSIDE SOLDIER FIELD"
Ainsley- "I totally would, just gotta see if I end up with enough money and get the days off of work"

*one week prior to Spring Awakening*

Ainsley-via text-"YOU NEED TO CALL ME ASAP"
ME- *calling* "what happened???"
Ainsley- "I Just won two VIP all access passes to Spring Awakening"
Ainsley- "It was from this radio show and I have some Southwest points saved up to use for a flight"
Me- "wowwww, talk about perfect timing and SMALL WORLD, I can't believe this is happening"

next thing I know, I find myself on my way to the city to meet with a girl I've never met in my life, planning on having a blast with our beautiful relationship and love for amazing music! 

who do we plan to meet along the way? two other AWESOME College Program interns, Domi and Alyssa who happen to live in the chicago area as well! 

After we FINALLY met, I feel like I've known the girl for years, we just clicked. we came together for a music fest and knew what we were getting ourselves into, but what we didn't know was the details of what was about to unfold. 

Drinks after drinks after.... other things and TONS OF DANCING, we met with some awesome people along the way both from the past and present.

It truly is amazing how people can fade away over the years and with something as simple as a music festival, bring back old friends for a common love for music. Not only can that music bring back those friends, but meet new amazing people along the way and allow for MORE amazing memories/shenanigans in the years to come. 

With that being said, thanks Ainsley, Mark, Heather (Gonzo), Christine (Lee), Kevin (Cam), Tania, Teresa, Kym, Tony, Domi, Alyssa, Candace and Molly for an EPIC two days of madness in the city with artist like A- Track, Afrojack, Arty, Benny Benassi, Carl Cox, Datisk, Dillon Francis, Diplo, Flux Pavilion, Wolfgang Gartner, Kill the Noise, Laidback Luke, NERVO, Skrillex, and Hardwell :') 


p.s. next on the to do list is take pictures with EVERYONE, but here's a few from the weekend!

NOT MY PHOTO, but just an idea, of what unfolded ;) pure amazingness <3

 and DONE for the count........

all that remained from the life changing event........


 Until next year, Northcoast is in the near future with some amazing people..... and in the horizon is something truly surreal in the spring of 2013..............

ULTRA 2013, need I say more? 

Until then have a P.L.U.R.fect night everyone! 


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