Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The lost photos, but never forgotten memories

This past weekend was amazing, from meeting new people and creating new memories to dancing my life away at Spring awakening music festival in soldier field :)

But this post isn't about the event... you see I took a lot of pictures the first day there with my fish eye film camera and as eager as I was I had to see how they turned out. So I brought them in to get developed a couple days ago along with some other previous rolls of film

After making a phone call and showing up to see how my photos turned out, I showed up only to find out that two of the four rolls of film didn't come out.... the photos from Spring Awakening were gone....I still had a few photos from some friends who took the easy route (probably the route one I should've taken) in bringing their digital camera and I was unfortunately out of luck

After getting home and taking the time to look at the photos that did make it I found memories..... but not just any memories, they were the ones from spring break in California and coming to realize that I forgot to write the LAST CALIFORNIA POST from Lake Havasu Arizona

One picture after another, I was being taken back to in time to Cali where I made new friends and had the greatest time

although I still remember the details to spring break with Kara and her.... adventures in the porta potty,  Saras randomness, Taylor on the balcony.... and last but certainly NOT least Mego...

I decided to keep the details between the people who actually went and took place in the shenanigans

This may have not been Las Vegas, but whatever happened in Lake Havasu, Stays in Lake Havasu.

here's a glimpse of the last few days of spring break in California

Thanks to everyone I met while down in California I had the greatest time after a rough time in the past and I wouldn't have changed a thing. 

And thanks Megan for not only the invite to the awesome state of California, but for being a great friend.... even though I still want my running shoes

till then, much love Cali, see you soon! 

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