Monday, June 4, 2012

My 21st Birthday and I still talk photography...

The big consists of drinks.... but I wasn't completely aware of it taking place the WHOLE 24 HOURS of ones birthday! holy magical unicorn on the rainbow, BUT I lived ;)

Starting the night off with some co workers we made our way to wrigleyville and made our first stop at the BARcelona (haha get it? <---dam I'm so cheesy) and my first legal drink was a margarita.... but not just any margarita, but a massive fishbowl margarita the size of my head....

and of course I manage to turn a night of drinks into photography, so what do I do?

Me- "chris the lighting on my phone is too bright for a picture, turn on your flashlight so I can have better back lighting and ill turn the flash off on mine!"

Chris- ".......ok" (enter awkward face)

finished product? 

come on now, even while drinking you gotta admit that was pretty legit, ey? ;) was my birthday I'm allowed to be conceited, ok?......

ANYWAYS, after inhaling the whole bowl and managing to find no fish in the empty glass I made my way to John barleycorn to dance my life away. following the dancing, drinks, dancing, and more drinks we made our way to Tais till 4 to find some more co workers and continue the night :)

waking up in the morning and not knowing how you got home is a good way to end your 21st right?  not that it happened to me or anything.... 

waking up in morning and knowing its still your birthday is a great feeling.... what have I been doing for the past 20 years? GOSH I need to do that more often for birthdays haha 

but continuing the day I found myself having a few drinks with family and friends to continue the day. 

here's a few pictures from the day birthday! 

Having an amazing birthday consist of spending time with those you care about most and I was fortunate enough to have spent it with amazing friends, and an amazing family as well!

thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

p.s. can't wait to try out my new Go Pro Hero 2 ;) 



  1. ahhh I love ALL of this!! the pictures, the memories you made on your birthday! Can't wait until August :D

    1. haha it was great ashley!

      I'm too stoked with my new camera for all the adventures we'll have! :D