Friday, December 2, 2011

New month before the new year and a trip to Arizona

With this being the last month of the year a lot is going to be happening over the next days and weeks which includes, finishing up school for the semester, working as much as I can, enjoying my break with all my close friends and of course getting better at photography!

that being said I have three papers and one last quiz that blocks me from freedom till the new year, but with a little victory under my belt I'll be at ease ;)

See a couple weeks ago on November 11th I found out one of my good friends Trevor, whose a photographer in Arizona, was having a photo contest named "The most amazing couple contest" the name kind of said it all. All we had to do was submit a picture of us with some information about us and which ever couple had the most votes by November 30th at midnight (MST) would win a free photo shoot worth 750$ with Trevor! So of course with me being so competitive I decided to enter it.... THEN I told Patty, whoopsie

Patty was fine with it so there was no worries there and we didn't really think anything of it. We thought it would be cool if we won the contest and go to Arizona but that was about it. A few days passed by and votes started to go up after me and her promoted it a little bit. Then after almost a week and a half we saw ourselves in the top 5 so we reconsidered our original thoughts and after talking about it we decided that we were gonna get serious about it and go for the win.

I mean we both thought the picture was super cute ;)

Vote after vote, day after day we promoted. when it came to the last week we found that another couple was trying to win this competition as well since they were right behind us. On the very last day we worked over time vote for vote competing for the ultimate prize and when it came 2am Florida time and 8am Spain time, the contest was over.....

AND WE WON! just a little over 300 we won the competition with 2nd place just 9 votes away. The taste of victory is always rewarding and finding out how competitive Patty and I really are wasn't to much of a shocker ;)

all in all it was a good way to start the last month of the year! Thanks again Trevor for an awesome contest! cant wait to meet you in a few months with Patty :D

oh oh oh and only 16 days till Patty's back from Spain! not that I'm counting or anything ;)

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