Friday, December 23, 2011

an early christmas

Having to work on the holidays is one of those things I really dislike about life. I had to work on christmas last year at Disney World and this year as well at Fridays sadly....

When I had spoken to Patty about it she was upset, REALLY upset considering she flew in from Spain after her program had ended to be with me for Christmas and New Years. So in an effort to make things a little better I had left to Walmart on Tuesday night to pick up a little surprise for her. After setting everything up in the kitchen for her and when i was ready I told her to follow me. 

Me- "follow me hun"
Patty- "ummm are you gonna kill me?"
Me- "no silly....well maybe"
Me- "just close your eyes!"

When she opened her eyes she saw a little Christmas tree all lit up with two little gifts under the tree:
Bag of Betty Crocker Walnut chocolate chip cookies (NOM NOM NOM) and the polar Express :) 

"Since I'm working Christmas hun I decided to celebrate Christmas a little early with you.... Merry Christmas Patty, I love you!"

and at that note "aww hunny I love you too! but your gonna make me fat :("
and at that note we passed out

When we woke up in the morning it really hit Patty that we weren't gonna be able to have Christmas together and we both got.... I wont say emotional.... lets just say highly temperamental

and that's when I had to spill the beans... 

Me- "Patty, what's that over there by the tree?"
Patty- "I don't know... I can't see without my contacts" 
Me- "get up and find out"

*grabbing a toy story bag with a little gift wrapped in HO HO HO gift wrapping paper*

Patty- "Baby, It's not christmas..."
Me- "since we can't celebrate Christmas together I decided for us to celebrate Christmas early!"

After opening her gift she found a Minnie Mouse Christmas hat to match my Mickey one that I surprised her with when I went to the airport sunday! Excited already she came across the last gift at the bottom of the bag and it was a princess autograph book, but not just any book. This book was the one she had originally gotten when she visited me in Florida before leaving to Spain!  I had secretly asked her Momma if she could mail it to me to surprise patty with BECAUSE.....

Patty- "how did you get this!?"
Me- "I had your Mom send it to me because you're gonna need it"
Patty- ".............?"
Me- "We're going to Disney World for an early Christmas!"

After seeing the Childhood expression/emotion coming out of her I saw something under our Christmas tree.... And After Patty got a hold of it she read it to me:

Dear Patricia, 

I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know that no one should be alone for the holidays so I worked a little Magic and got Ethan Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off just for you :) 

With Love and Holiday Cheer, 

Santa Claus 


Patty- "Baby!!!! I'm so happy! how did you manage to get the day off!"
Me- "It wasn't me hun!  It was Santa!!"
Patty- ".... why does Santa have a similar hand writing to you then? ;)"

and at that note, we celebrated the rest of our day together ;)

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