Saturday, December 24, 2011

Celebrating Christmas Disney Style

This past thursday wasn't anything less than magical celebrating Patty's first Christmas at Disney World :) Seeing the holiday cheer running through her eyes (whenever she wasn't hungry) was a beautiful sight.

From ice cream sandwiches, Christmas around the world, and the candle light precessional to meeting Sorcerer Mickey, cream cheese pretzels and the Osborne light show we had an amazing time and I'm beyond happy to have celebrated an early Christmas with Patito!

Now we're off to make multiple rounds of cookies and other yum yums/nom noms after watching the magic in the Polar Express and Glee. 

The holidays are about spending time with the people who matter most in your life and appreciating what you have going for you in your own personal life. I'm beyond grateful to be with this amazing girl hours before Christmas, so baking all night is the least I can do for the bearded man who got me the day off from work to be with her;) 

here's a few from thursday!

Merry Christmas Eve!!

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