Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day + 3

Christmas day isn't Christmas without some Hispanic food in our lives so we hit the road on a mission to find food. We came across a little place by the name of "Fancy Fruit"..... despite its beat up parking lot, faded colors outside and questionable location being next to a construction site, it didn't seem very "fancy", but we weren't judging we just wanted food to make for our special day together :)

Following our food pick up we were on our way home when every couple seconds we heard a "bump, bump, bump"....freaking out I pulled over and sure enough came across a screw lodged in my tire....

Pissed and upset questioning life "why does this have to happen to me, let alone on christmas?" I still made the attempt to get home. Thankfully we made it back with no issues and made the promise to not let it ruin my day with Patty, so we continued to get dinner ready! 

Finishing the night with some delicious food and a ridiculously warm scarf from Madrid Spain as my christmas gift, we snuggled and watched movies for the night <3

The next few days were filled with food, copas, dancing, packing and enjoying each others company before our long and cold journey back home to the windy city! 

Sometimes we're clouded by the downfalls in life, whether it's large event such as a family loss throughout the year, or something small like a flat tire.

Instead of looking at all the downfalls, setbacks, and sad moments in life, I find it better to appreciate the ups, happy moments and joys of what we have going for us because it gives for a better outlook on life and the future we have with the people we care about most. 

so here's to looking at the glass half full!

Happy last Tuesday of the year!

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