Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflecting on the year

This year has been full of excitement with ups and downs, lefts and rights and a little magic along the way. 

Starting off 2011 was interesting to say the least.... I mean being buried after a apocalypse of snow isn't exactly a warm welcoming home after the Disney College program. 

From post Disney depression, getting a job as a server, attending Triton College for a semester and starting a blog, to pursuing photography, skydiving on my 20th birthday, Niagara falls, a couple photo-shoots over the summer, road trips, floating down a river, moving to Florida, conquering a kitchen sink, my uncle moving on to a better place in heaven, visiting Patty in Madrid, Spain and taking her to Paris, France for our anniversary, international thanksgiving and lastly spending the Christmas with Patty; I've experienced a lot over this year and grown as a person. 

had it not been for all the adventures I had this year with the amazing people I've met along the way both new and old, the year wouldn't have been nearly as amazing as it has been. 

2012 has some pretty big shoes to fill in, but I'm sure with a little hard work, dedication, determination, love, pictures and copas, it will be just as amazing, if not better :D 

Tonight will be a night to remember with Patty and the people who matter most in my life :)

Happy New Years Eve Everyone!!

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