Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stay hungry, Stay foolish

After a long day of work last night, from guest complaints, to compliments on food. from really terrible tips, to really good tips. from braking plates and glasses to singing happy birthday for the 100th time, working as a server is a business of showing people a good time so that you in turn can get paid well in tips. Some people are naturally good at it, others not so much.

After a long day of work Im getting ready to cash out and all I hear my manager say is "Steve Jobs died" after he saw the flood of status updates on his death...

At first it literally took a couple seconds to register.... then the following couple seconds resulted in jaw dropping shock... not because it wasn't suppose to happen or it wasn't known that he was sick, but the fact that we have lost someone whose made such a large level impact on our society in the U.S. as well as around the world.

After hearing that I drove home and really let that sit in my mind... Life is way to short to sit around waiting for things to just happen.... Steve new that his death would inevitably come and he planned out what he would do, spending his last few days along with his family.

"Stay hungry, Stay foolish" the first time I had ever heard that quote was literally yesterday through Chase Jarvis' blog referring to when Steve Jobs had originally said that and I realized that it relates to me in the sense that I've been using the word determined vs. "hungry" and it makes sense to me being that I should stay hungry wanting more from life, wanting an education, to become a photographer, to travel the world, and find myself along the way, but in turn you have to stay foolish by making bad decisions because thats the best way to learn in life.

Just remember that when you DO make a foolish decision to always continue your hunger and in turn always continue your foolishness because without the two you can not be successful in life

Thank you again Steve for everything

"Stay hungry, Stay foolish"

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