Sunday, October 16, 2011

Share your story, win free tuition

With the busy work and school week passing, I was finally able to take the first step in the ultimate scholarship....

*rewinding a couple weeks ago* I started seeing a lot of ads around valencia as well as on valencias home site about this scholarship where all you have to do is upload a video explaining why I want to go to college and why valencia. If am one of the top 5 winners then I get the rest of my tuition paid for!

and the best part is that it doesn't matter if you in state or an out of state tuition student, your schooling will be paid for!

So I broke down what I want to do into 3 steps given the guidelines that Valencia has come up with.

first being that I write out what will be said
second have the video segments recorded
and lastly join the two together in post production

With today being my first off day in 5 days I was more then motivated to finish the first step and after two drafts of writing, it's complete! By the end of the week I'm hoping everything is done, God willing

But till then Christian and I are having people over for a night of festivities! time to celebrate the one life we have : )

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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