Saturday, January 25, 2014

White Chocolate

I have a tendency to become comfortable in certain environments (mainly work) where your content with something your familiar with and I feel like a lot of people are like that. We become passive and desire less when we reach a certain goal, in which case for me is a job.

I've been going through the phases of waking up, going to work, serving and selling myself short because.....why?

It's convenient, its close, I'm still happy with the money, I enjoy the people I work with -for the most part ;) -

But with the New Year here, its time for change. I'm one class away from receiving my Associates in Science and meeting the transfer guidelines to Illinois State Universities Marketing program!!! So with new opportunities around the corner I decided its time to move forward, get ready for the next chapter of my life and for school, for my future plans, and for me.

Without further a due, say hello to White Chocolates newest member of the serving team :D

Holding two jobs (not including my 3rd one at Disney) will be challenging on top of going to school part time to get that degree, but I'm motivated.... and I'm happy.

That's all that matters :) 

Happy Saturday everyone!

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