Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Years Resolution: Learn

For over a week now I've been having troubles with my laptop, from the speed it was working, to the work flow I had with uploading and editing photos. It wasn't practical, it wasn't convenient, and it was taking up too much of my time. So I gave in, I assumed my computer was about to crash after owning it for over four years now since it barely had any room on the hard drive even after moving all of my images and music to an external hard drive.

So as a last effort to diagnose the problem I surrendered it to the apple genius' and within 45 minutes we solved the problem only to find out it had something to do with the way I edited my photos. Shocked, relieved and excited I realized that it was something I could have easily found myself, but I failed to make an effort to learn about it prior to the visit, but this can translate to more in my life outside of computers and photos.

A new years resolution can be very specific, or very broad, it can be more realistic than other ideas, but ultimately something you personally think you can achieve and with the recent episode of events that occurred in my life I finally came up with a realistic goal that I overlook everyday.


When people learn they automatically assume it has to do with school and studying or work and learning something new, but let it go beyond that. Learn how to make your moms favorite dinner, your dads favorite BBQ, learn how to drive stick shift (guilty), learn how to invest money in stocks,  learn something and hold on to it because you never know when you'll need it. 

Learning is what life's all about, and when you take advantage of it you can save yourself a few headaches.... my computer being a primary example. 

So with that being said in the light of Learning. This week I learned that even going into the new year, the world is still a tiny place and stumbling on old friends from previous CP's is possible, bringing in the new year with old friends and new friends is a one of a kind night filled with dancing. Watching friends perform a show as passionately as mine is amazing and enlightening. 

Lastly saying Goodbye See ya later to old friends and shows that no longer welcome you on a regular basis no matter how many wonderful memories it brings represents the beauty of life. 

Because life itself is a drama. Without the sad parts of life we can't fully appreciate the good because we assume the good will always be there. The balance of life with its ups and downs is what makes life worth venturing into because you never know where the next adventure will take you. 

Here's a few photos from the last week of my life from new years and the festival of the lion king to saying farewell to one of my close Australian friends along side of the last Celebrate a dream come true parade. 

Cheers to a new year, and new possibilities :)

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  1. “…I assumed my computer was about to crash after owning it for over four years…” – this is really heartbreaking. Buying a new one is an option but it’s quite expensive. Thankfully, they were able to determine and fix the problem in just 45 minutes. That is a huge relief on your part. I hope it will last for another 4 years, or until you decide on an upgrade.