Thursday, January 23, 2014

Frozen Tour Guide

After making the journey back in one take or roughly 17 hours, I found that my butt was numb from sitting for so long, and it was extremely cold, but I was happy. I was happy to be home safe and ready to start getting on track with everything I want to accomplish this year!

So After cleaning out my room and finding old letters from Mom, flight tickets to when I traveled to Spain and Paris, and even the practice questions to prepare for my interview for the Disney College Program, I went on a Photo Adventure.

Not just any adventure, but one with some recent graduates of the Disney College Program :3
Playing tour guide with my peeps from Australia, New Zealand, and the UK we went and got Chicago style Hot Dogs from Gene and Judes, Italian Beefs at Johnnies and finally a Chocolate Cake Shake at Portillos only to freeze off the calories over the Chicago skyline at North avenue Beach :)

Here's a few from the last couple days!



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