Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow in the south

ok now that I'm taking a break from school, and training for my new job, I had a second to get caught up with the world and come to find out a couple things. It snowed in the South ok I get that. just for the record I'm from Chicago up North.

All jokes aside about how the south is wimps for not handling 4 inches of snow, lets take a second to acknowledge some facts. people have died from this short lived "snow fall" where States in the south have been paralyzed from this event. Where some drivers have been reportedly stuck on the roads for more than 24 hours due to being un prepared where it was believed for the most part they didn't need to be prepared for this where States such as Alabama, where the past 30 January's, the past 30 years has not snowed 21 one of those times and out of those years effected it only reached over 1 inch, 4 of those times. where than lack of budget invested in snow plows and salt resulted in inexperienced drivers with ice, sleet, and snow and TONS of accidents on side roads, highways, throughways, and freeways resulted in a halt across the south, but silver lining to this whole ordeal, this optimism or light at the end of the tunnel is how stores reopened themselves where they could to provide warmth and shelter for those stuck out in accidents and traffic jams, and those who worked the longer hours at the hospitals with many reported injuries and deaths.

Think twice before you say something online people of the north, because I for one have tons of loved ones who live down there and I care about them a lot.

have a great day everyone and stay safe ^_^

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