Friday, October 4, 2013

Drum Roll Please!!

After busting my butt, studying for my accounting exam and coming to the conclusion my lack of knowledge for Debits and Credits is finally coming to a close; I went to my academic counselor to get an update on my transfer credits from the different schools I attended over the last few years and that's when I really sat down to think about everything I've done over the last few years. Upon graduating high school I went to Illinois State University for my first year in college, and not knowing what I wanted to accomplish I left the school to partake a journey with the mouse in fall of 2010. After flipping my life around, going to Valencia Community College, followed by DePaul University, and Finally Triton Community College and between all that doing another year long internship with the mouse, I found out 


*drum roll please* 

I only have to take one class next semester to meet the requirements and credit hours needed to transfer to Illinois State Universities School of Business Marketing !!!!! 

After holding back all the excitement from that news I realized one thing. 

wisdom isn't gained from the amount of years in your life, but rather the amount of life in the years of your existence. I am a true testament to that as I have been to several schools both in state, out of state, private and community. I have accomplished two years worth of internships with a fortune 100 company and upon figuring out my life, I finally found my pursuit of happiness. 

In the fall of 2014 I hope to attend Illinois State Universities Marketing Program and continue my road to success. 

So what did I due to celebrate? 

Booked my Flight to Orlando Florida, for my first reunion of friends under the Electric Sky 


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  1. I love this!!!!! im so proud of you ethan! you are such an inspiration :)