Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summers Last Stand

As the Summer is coming to a close officially on this beautiful day (by me atleast, I don't know about other parts of the world) a cool breeze is slowly reminding us that the change of seasons in the worlds equinox is upon us. Preparing for the change in weather in our everyday life, I've now officially been in school for around a month, coming closer and closer to the dream of walking down the aisle with a degree.

going through the phases of school, work, staying in shape and the occasional laziness syndrome (made that up myself, clearly I'm an expert at diagnosing myself for it) I found my self visiting some friends in Chicago and what I came across, is the non stop motion of life.

people are constantly moving at one speed or another, people go through their life without stopping to really look at how life works and how it never sleeps. It's something we don't acknowledge enough. we're numb to its conditions at times and the way society is in the this day of age, we're numb to people around us who are strangers, but in reality we are all one, driven from this incomprehensible source that we debate all the time, some people lacking in ethical and moral values more than the next person and its intriguing to witness.

on my way back home from Taco Tuesday I found myself on a train full of people minding their own business..... a sense of urgency and protection across everyone's body language despite the calmness in their faces. Having a subconscious view of protection and no care but for themselves and that's when it happened.

a young girl in her mid to late twenties boarded the train with her ear glued to a phone and tears of sadness streaming down her face. As she sat, an initial uncomfortable essence grew on the train, no one with the courage to say anything, with the hopes that the next person would calm her down.

as time went by and I found myself alone with her in this cart sitting across from her. she was minding her own business as I was battling the debate of giving her reassurance that everything would be okay or not.... I could've been every other person on the train but I decided to be different.

Instead of vocally expressing my concern on the train given how loud it was, I decided to simply write on my phone a small note. As she came across the eye contact we made she looked down on the phone I was showing her and it simply read

"I hope you feel better :)"
she smile and mouthed a simple "thank you" to me and that was it. she got off at the next stop and that was it. I came to the conclusion I didn't do much but I just did it to show that I cared despite not knowing her whether she acknowledged it or not. 

a couple days went by and I found myself in my marketing class participating during discussion and it was a great learning experience and upon leaving class one of my classmates stopped me to say "great input today! you spoke for yourself very well"

I smiled and said a simple "thank you"

and upon leaving, the girl on the train crossed my mind and that's when it dawned on me, I didn't have to say "I hope you feel better" just like my classmate didn't have to stop me to tell me how she felt regarding my input and at that point I came to the conclusion the simple gesture I did for her was not only appreciated, but needed in her situation. 

I'll probably never see her again, and that's fine, but the fact that I sent her positive vibes from another soul, is sometimes the best reassurance medicine anyone could ask for.

Don't be afraid of speaking out to people who need the reassurance in this short life we have, it can do wonders to a persons mindset.... to know that others care. 

spreading the love, one person at a time :) 

Happy first day of fall everyone!

p.s. Chegg, you rock my socks for this hilarious picture when I got my school books ;) and the rest of the pictures are from the taco Tuesday shenanigans and lightshows :)

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