Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Halloween puzzle

After having a regular day at school I was questioning myself  "why do I feel so weird today?? It's Halloween but that's it"

and after picking up doughnuts for my photo project (don't ask) from Dunkin and getting spoiled with a 1/2 dozen extra because of the lack of trick er' treaters who didn't show because of the rain, it clicked in my head!!

During this time for the last four years I haven't been home....

Fall 2009- Illinois state university freshman year
Fall 2010- First Disney Internship
Fall 2011- living in Florida trying to make it big
Fall 2012- Second Disney Internship

its been FOUR YEARS since I've been home..... So I decided I can do one Halloween laid back with the family.... eating resisting doughnuts ;) 

especially if I'm dressing up for EDC in almost exactly ONE WEEK

Happy Halloween Everyone!! 

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