Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Patrick the 2 year-old

Waking up early last Sunday morning I was fortunate enough to photograph this little stud by the name of Patrick Trendel :D

Now the thing about patrick that he's not your typical two year old. See when I first met the little guy I found that he wasn't  shy at all from his stylish out fit to his outgoing smile and curiosity to whatever was in front of him! including me! :)

Christine- "say hello to Ethan, Patrick!"

Patrick- *smiling from ear to ear*

Ethan- "good morning Patrick! you're awfully happy this morning!"

and sure enough, the smiles turned into laughs and adventures throughout the forest in search of deer and coming across a parade of ducks throughout the morning sunrise. We had a blast together with him and his awesome parents and I truly can't wait to take pictures of them all again!

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