Sunday, June 30, 2013

Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas

After a week of coming to the conclusion I left the rabbit hole and came back to reality I finally decided to open my suitcase..... from the beads & sweaty shirts to the gloving batteries, and Insomniac Magazines, I could picture all the memories pouring out from unforgettable weekend under an electric sky.... 

A little over a week later I I finally edited the photos and accepted the inevitable, that one of the fastest weekends of my life has now passed.... but it's still fresh in my head... every detail...

Me- "Gordon, come to my place early with will and we'll make some Kandi before you guys leave" 

Gordon- "wait, like to eat?" 


Gordon- "oh... yea" 

Having to teach Gordon and will what Kandi trading was all about was just the beginning of the adventure down the rabbit hole, and what better way to show them the culture of raving and music festivals then to go big with the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas ;) 

what brought us together was my first year in college at Illinois State University with all the "heeeeeeeee whoooooooooo"(inside joke) and dinner shenanigans till we hit a food coma levels and although with time we both went our own paths to pursue our goals and dreams, a break from reality is what brought us back together for a reunion of not only Americans, but my family from Australia and New Zealand as well!!! 

It's amazing how a common love for music can really bring families together, and I couldn't be happier to have danced my life away with over 300,000 people from around the world! So of course I'm furiously trying to make my schedule for the three day music Festival on the air plane only to take breaks for sight seeing out the plane window and stretching my hands for gloving (yes on the plane) and when I land, what am I welcome into Vegas with? 

Avicii playing everywhere, people of all ages wearing kandi and slot machines, tons of slot machines. if this is Vegas..... I can get use to this. No time to waste on this extended weekend adventure so we head out after midnight to go clubbing the one time we would dress up ;)



From the fireball shots.... (ask Gordon to get detailed with you on those) to having the families finally meet up, we danced the night away, you better believe when Knife party came on the smallest one of the group went the craziest, but of course this was only the beginning. and by morning we headed to MGM grand for our last supper aka endless mimosas and champagne o.O we picked the right place.


after loosing track of how many mimosas and glasses of champagne we had, we began the preparation.... clothes, kandi, deodorant, cash, and of course...... the tickets... not knowing what to expect, what was about to happen over the next three days.... we left our rooms and embarked on the adventure down the rabbit hole... I may have been to music festivals in the past, but I still had no idea what to expect, anxiously waiting till we saw the race track and what it held inside..... and that's when it all happened... we made it through security with ease, and upon entering the colossal arena our jaws dropped.... from the rides, to the vivid colors and the stage fit for a crowd whose energy could be seen around the world..... 

Kinetic Field, was no doubt the biggest stage I've seen in my life only to be backed up with a carnival and performers that had more character and spunk that could alone make the stay worth while and that's when I knew, we had left reality.... and the night was upon us. 

From loosing some of the group, to ripping my shorts and stumbling across old friends whose "PLUR-fect warrior" status was contagious across the electric sky, we all still had a blast, bc as big the crowds were, we were still a big happy family, where violence was a thing of the past, and memories to create was in the present time.











As time was ticking away, I began to realize the end was near..... an unforgettable journey of peace, love, unity and respect and simply a chapter in our lives coming to a close, but just because this chapter of our life is over, doesn't mean this is the end. In some ways this is just the beginning.... of the never ending story. 

Because the never ending story has no limits and no boundaries, it continually grows and teaches us and presents new opportunities for us, both exciting and challenging. 

And while the Sun began to rise across the electric sky, with no signs of the crowds stopping, we all knew the end of the Electric Daisy Carnival was near and leaving the rabbit hole was inevitable, but the memories I gained from it made the time there worth every second and I'm glad I was apart of my families, reunion, some peoples first rave, and of course apart of the never ending story where the end of EDC isn't the end of our journey, simply the pinnacle of a celebration towards life once a year. 

Until next year EDC, where the electric sky will shine across the world <3

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