Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The first reunion


Its inevitable that time will move forward, people will grow and things will change.

One month has passed since I left a family of Disney (freaks) from all over the world. The memories we created and the bonding that took place from going out, to adventures in the parks and late night shenanigans. We had a blast documenting everything we could and we are full of love that will grow as the distance grows between us over the years to come.

Some people who graduated the Disney College program felt so torn by the idea of being away from that lifestyle that they waited day in and day out till their next chance to go back, doing nothing but going through the ‘motions’ of school or work, letting the time go by while some people made the choice to stay and continue to pursue and fulfill their dreams with the company.


I decided to be different.

While a month has gone by since my second program has ended, most people look at it as “another day farther away from something I miss” while I see it as opportunity. Opportunity to try new things and experience new memories and what better way to continue this never ending story then to have my FIRST big reunion of friends from the Disney program in none other than Sin City ;)

In exactly 10 days I will make the move to Las Vegas Nevada to meet up with people from around the world who’ve had a huge influence in my life all for a common love for music.

Does everyone know each other? No!!

Will we all become the best of friends between the 20th and 24th of June?
Only time will tell, but I have a good feeling about this trip ;)

And I couldn’t be happier about everyone’s agreement to meet for the ultimate dance party, where sleep is optional, and dancing is mandatory,


The farther the DCP strolls away from me, the closer I can see the day I return to that magical place, and all the adventures in between.

See you soon EVERYONE!!! :D 


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