Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Project

now that I'm low on funds (aka poor) until further notice.... its time....

After getting my Go Pro replaced due to some unfortunate water issues back in early May, I'm now finally working on my final project.... this isn't for any final exam or anything regarding school for that matter..... this is my Disney College Program experience

9 months worth of pictures, videos and memories to go through and organize. Two long days have already been invested into organizing this library of adventures, parties and shenanigans and I'm still not done.

38 events

573 Original video files 

Now currently down to 396 video files after cleaning up the "butt dial play" videos, not focused videos and repeat clips.

funny part about it? even after eding up with almost 400 videos from either my Phone, camera or Go Pro, I still feel like I haven't come close to capturing every detail I wanted. 

let the project continue

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