Saturday, June 15, 2013

"He's all about the jump photos"

 On a beautiful cloudless afternoon, we all crossed paths (well more like, we agreed to meet at the train station for our shoot)

The Renghini family, the "laidback" family was very .. how should I say... "smooth" with the way the way they presented themselves. 

"Everything's cool Ethan, we'll do whatever you want us to do"

*confession because I was running a little late, I'm sorry, but I'm human RIGHT!?*

and its true, there was no train bailing our way, there was no rush or hurry. just a laid back casual summer afternoon with a family who has more spunk than I could handle. From the beginning of our meet up I felt as though our interactions were more of a hangout and capture moments than a "straight to the point" photo shoot. I just happen to think that's the Renghini way and I like it ;)

afterbreaking the ice with posing and taking pictures, these guys were natural, nailing pictures left and right, creating moment that will last them a life time. 

and of course we always bring the child out of every adult.... 

Me- "this is the most excited I've seen you all day Tito!!"

Jen- "yea he loves his jump photos -_-"

Tito- *smirk* 

So of course I have to fill in the request he makes and at the end of our day what happens? 

Annie- "do you know Brave?"

Me- "who? Merida? OF COURSE I know her!! wanna know something funny?"

Annie- "yes!!"

Me- "Ariel tried combing Meridas hair once with a 'dingle hopper' ..... yea... she's still looking for it in her hair.... "

*little Annie starts laughing*

keeping the magic alive, one child at a time ;)

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