Friday, June 7, 2013

Georgia Peach

Almost one month has passed since I left that magical place known as Disney World and instead of letting that "post Disney depression" (that we all know very well) settle in, I decided to keep myself occupied, but how would I would I do that?

-eat my life away, because mother feels the need to make up for 9 months of me being away?
-watch Disney movies all day?
-stalk peoples facebooks who are still in Disney ? (bad idea fyi)

It's easy to hibernate for weeks from lack of sleep from my 9 month adventure, but to do something easy is no fun. Things in life are appreciated more when they're difficult to achieve.

The point of the Disney College program from certain perspectives, (in this case my perspective) was to network for my future with photography and meet more people from around the world, while still meeting one of my goals as an Entertainment Cast member for the company. Although the entertainment part is temporarily on hold till I finish school and the passion for photography is still there, why not share it with the people I've met who mean the world to me?

Me- "what if I came to visit you in a couple weeks when we're all settled in back home?"

Hope- "that would be great!!...."

Me- "you don't think I'm gonna do it"

Hope- "Nope :)"

*Two weeks later*

Hope- "I can't believe you're here!!!!!! :') "

Me- "I told you I would!!!" 

Nothing screams spontaneity then booking a flight 2 weeks from departure to the state of Georgia.
and as I look back on last weeks adventure reminiscing on all the great memories from a girl whose heart is warmer than the whole state of Georgia itself, I can't help but appreciate how blessed I am for the people in my life. From the summer sun in the peach state, to a polar bear that loves coke and an aquarium that is the 2nd largest in the world, the time I spent with Hope reminded me of the reason you should do the internship...... (because goats named willow will kiss you after) 

 I'd say life after the Disney College program isn't half bad if you ask me ;) 

 Not when you have tons of friends to visit and a whole world to explore!

"buy the ticket, take the ride"- Hunter S. Thompson


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