Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pirates and a Boat

as the days seem to go by faster and faster, I'm trying my hardest to not sleep at all... because I know when I wake up I'll be one day closer to the end...

but behind all the madness of reality coming full force there's nothing but celebrations and memories to continue to be made starting with the "going away party" for all the CP's leaving with me! now the first half of my program ended with a formal where we all dressed up classy and dressed to impressed with a few "cocktails" to break the nerves.

This time around we found our celebration at none other than Typhoon Lagoon!! now at first I was pretty pissed that it wasn't another formal, but after "extra" drinks to compensate for the lack of clothes I'd be wearing along with everyone else it turned out to be something AMAZING, and I was really impressed from the music and amount of people that showed, to the entertainment, fireworks and of course wave pool to swim in.

don't believe me? 
I mean you could ask the pirates yourself ;)


Following the shenanigans of the pool party where we all had a blast in the sand the first conversation I remember with some friends... 

Eyan- "ugh, I have all these cuts on me"
Me- "me too!! what happened last night?"

1 minute later. 

Me- "OMG it was the wave pool!!!! it tossed my 'happy' self around like a rag doll...."  

clearly a night worth remembering ;) so what better way to continue the pirate life then to throw your worries away and make way to the sea for drinks, friends, and of course what better way to risk some money then to gamble for the first time ;)

but of course everyone wants to know... "how much money did you loose Ethan?"



Lets Just say Goofy slept in the next morning because I won him 70$ for all the hard work he puts in!


Cheers to the love, the friends and the memories :) 

 ...and insomnia ;D

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