Sunday, May 19, 2013

Waking Up

After a week of hibernating, sleeping, eating endless amounts of food because what I like to call the

"The mother syndrome"

where some if not all mothers feel inclined to take care of you until they feel they've made up for the for the amount of time you were away from them (in my case 9 months) and it's nice at first....

until you realize you've gained 6 pounds in a week and realized you REALLY need to workout again...but it was refreshing while it lasted, but passed all the food and hugs and kisses is a great weekend for me to come back


because it just so happens that my day of arrival was just before Mothers day <3 an excuse to see the whole family I missed for so long. And after the realization of being home, I knew I would quickly need my "Disney fix" before allowing my post "Disney depression" settle in

Me- "there's cinnabon" 
Marta- *looking in the distance* "Oh I want Yogen Fruz"
Me- "wait I want that too...."

after finishing 9$ worth of frozen yogurt... 

Me- "I still kinda want cinnabon" 
Marta- "get it, its good for you" 
Me- "fine.... but your not helping my disney depression anymore...... o_O" 

Clearly we have our priorities straight. and this is why I love my princess friend Marta :)


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