Thursday, May 30, 2013

"I don't even like the forest"

Waking up in the morning and drinking my morning coffee, a brisk morning full of clouds.... thinking of the previous days conversation and having a smirk on my face....

Brenda- Hi Ethan Just checking in with you, I saw the weather for tomorrow...looks like the same temp as today, but there won't be sun. As it seems, it will be cloudy. Would it be too much to ask if we could play by ear...don't want gloomy looking pics. I love the sunlight in your pics. I'm planning on being there, but just wanted to know if we could take the weather into consideration. What do you think?

*smiling ear to ear*

Me- That's fine, but I promise you. the cloudier the better. Its a photographers dream to have that all the time ;)

Brenda- OH! ok...even better. Sounds good to me. We'll be there, unless it snows or rains.

 Me- haha it will be a good day for photos ;)

Since getting back from Florida I've been on the hunt, to get my name out there that I am BACK in action with photo shoots of essentially anything. New borns, infants, graduates, families, and even weddings. I'll take pictures of your toys for crying out loud! and after a good solid three weeks of promoting, someone decided to take the plunge, trust what I can do and allow me to deliver.

Brenda's family I knew little about (which soon changed) but they welcomed me into the family with the sweetest of smiles. One by one the kids and teen (or tween.... is that even a word?) came out of the car a little nervous, but ready to go none the less.

the kids were all home schooled by their talented mother and raised by both the mother and father. Excited with posters, multiple outfits and eager smiles. the most remembered quote of the day.....

"I don't even like the forest" coming from the 8th grade graduate, Celeste. But for a city family, you all photograph really well out here ;) 

and the mother claims "this is her first 'real' photoshoot"

I beg to differ. and that goes for the WHOLE family. 

love you all and cheers to the mother of all clouds!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Ashley!!

      I had a ton of fun with this shoot! great kids :)

  2. These are soooooo awesome! I love Brenda and her family! You captured them wonderfully!

    1. thanks a bunch Matt and Janna!!!!

      I really hope to work with Brenda and her family again!! they were amazing truly :)

      glad you like the photos!