Monday, December 24, 2012

Ugly Sweaters and The Holidays!

"Feliz navidad, Merry Christmas, Feliz Natal, Buon Natale, Joyeux Noël, 메리 크리스마스, عيد ميلاد مجيد, Wesołych Świąt, Frohe Weihnachten, เมอร์รี่คริสต์มาส."

When I was growing up I thought that the idea of Christmas was suppose to be the exchanging of gifts, Santa Claus, and being home with your family while eating tons of food.... and while the elves continue to amaze me every year with how hard they work for others, I realized it doesn't matter what part of the world you're spending this holiday season, this time of year is meant to be spent with people who matter in your life.

I'm fortunate enough to spend it with people from ALL OVER the world who matter to ME. :)
You can say Merry Christmas in over 100+ languages, but if you don't know the true meaning of it, then its useless to you. Although I wont be home for Christmas this year, I know I'll be in good hands with friends who matter to me as if they were family :) 

P.S. it's not the holidays unless you have an ugly sweater on atleast ONCE .... ;) 

Happy Holidays everyone!! <3 

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