Friday, December 7, 2012

The 111th Birthday

Like any other week of the college program, I find myself creating new memories with friends who are my family! The mess we get into is fun, memorable, embarrassing, and sometimes down right crazy, but what makes this week different from others is the birthday we got to celebrate on wednesday. Had it not been for this man, I would have never gotten into photography, made the jump to work for the Walt Disney Company, accomplished everything I've done the last few months and a lot of the memories I have created thus far would cease to exist and for that I thank you.... Walt. 

Happy Birthday to the man who constantly reminded us that "it all started with a mouse" and at any age we are still children at heart.

Had it not been for this mans small idea that manifested into something great, we wouldn't have had moments like the "smolder" and the stolen tiara.

 Two toys planning new adventures as green army men are on the look out for Andy.

and lastly.... Cinderellas castle. A castle that is so symbolic to what magic is and means to us. 

Happy 111th Birthday Walt and thank you for everything : ) 

I hope to celebrate many more of your birthdays to come as I continue to create magic here at "The Happiest Place on Earth" 

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