Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Disney College Program Graduation

The one thing I've taken for granted since the very beginning of this program is time. No one has the rights to our time; we are blessed with it as it comes day by day because at any moment we can have our time taken away from us for good.

The college program through my eyes has been a journey of finding ones self and growing as a person in this short life we all have. The last couple weeks have been full of amazing adventures with friends I'll never forget and as we continue this journey with the last couple weeks of this program together we can finally say that we've....

(well in my case for the 2nd time) 

After countless hours of stress, work, getting paid (the "internship" pay) and insomnia, we have finally received our diplomas which in our eyes is more of a right of passage or "I paid my dues" mentality from those long shifts and rude guests.

But behind all that is a person who has worked hard to get where they are and what better way to celebrate this graduation then to go where it all began....


let the memories.... continue as we embark on the last couple weeks of this amazing journey :')

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  1. Hi, this might be an odd and totally random question, but I thought I might ask. I'm a graphic design student and for one of our classes we're doing a magazine, mine is on Disney. I was looking for a picture for my cover that had to do with the Disney college program and I found some of your pictures. I was wondering if you would be ok with me using it and if maybe you had a bigger version of it (better quality) that I could have. This is the picture I would like to use: .

    This is strictly for school use and wont really be seen by anyone else other than students and teachers. We also have to put credits on the photos so your name would be on it as well.

    I hope you don't mind me writing and asking, I thought that would be the best thing to do :) let me know!
    Best regards
    Reiven Andersson