Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Gift of Giving

While working for the Walt Disney Company I realized that we are generalized a lot as a whole.

"Thank you all so much for making the opening of New Fantasyland a success"
"Thank you all for working so hard during this holiday season"
"Thank you all for helping us bring in the New Year"

It gives us this mentality of doing something as a team and together, but rarely do I feel as though we are recognized as individuals in our own natural work environment. I feel as though when we are recognized, it's for doing something incorrectly, and what to do better about it. Only when we go above the norm do we get recognized for it in a positive way.

That is.... Until I met Kathy after dancing with Santa Goofy, Capturing a picture of the "Captur'er" aka photopass photographer, meeting the Captain of the Black Pearl, swimming with mermaids, and learning the power of "Grace and Poise" from the Tremaine family

You see Kathy, (whom I never met before) was a guest at Chef Mickeys when she is normally a character attendant.

As a thank you to Goofy and all his pals working on Christmas eve (and year round as a matter of fact) she gave not only Goofy but Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Donald as well ALL Christmas gifts and homemade cookies ♥ Goofy was SO moved by this that he couldn't hug her and kiss her enough, so when her and her gorgeous family were ready to leave, he escorted her out of Chef Mickeys with her crutch in one hand and Goofys hand in the other.

"oh my goofy, everyone is starring at us.... this is wonderful" :') 

To be seen as an individual is an amazing feeling and Kathy allowed me to see that. In returning the favor of Kathy's gift I decided what I was going to do on my day off for Christmas....
Return the gift of giving with what I am passionate about most. Taking pictures of my amazing friends.

Thank you Kathy for all the gifts, and spreading the holiday cheer this year. And as the new year is right around the corner I hope to come across more people like you. 

P.s. The goofy ornament is right on my tree <3 thanks again

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