Monday, July 23, 2012

meeting people BEFORE our arrival date

so after doing the program once I found that never talking to your future "friends" from the Disney College Program on the phone, Skype, or even seeing them in person can cause for REALLY awkward moments because of a few things to say the least.....

but with that being said I was fortunate enough to see a pretty awesome girl from Valparaiso, Indiana in person! and to say the least .... it WASN'T awkward!!!!!! especially after a few drinks haha

so props to you Lindsay and Jo Jo. the start of a beautiful friendship :)

here's a few from the visit!

OH and I made my first Vlog........ I may or may not keep it up depending on the topic.... and this whole meeting people in person thing is catching my eye so keep a look out for it ;)

I mean I HAD to test out the video

but here's it is!

Happy Mondays! 

p.s. 9 more days till I leave!..... whoa

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