Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Chapter and a New Friend

Countless hours of research, plenty of "are you kidding me?" remarks and lots of criticism and judgment came over me the last few weeks regarding my photography and decisions I have made, but quiet frankly I could careless.

The more and more I watch movies, videos, and homemade projects, the more visually inclined I became with my work. This result happened right after my first real spring break in California with Megan and all the amazing people I met there. after that experience I found my self allowing my senses to control how I viewed the world. From what I naturally see in conjunction with sound and occasionally scent or feel, I have come to the conclusion that I have evolved my passion for capturing moments in time, to remembering instances... instances that I can visually see from time to time not only in my head, but in front of me....

Video. video is what I'm referring to. I have grown this love for video in conjunction with the photos I have taken and with that being said I made a choice.

Either stick with the gear I have now and continue to build from what I have, or make the change and dive farther into the rabbit hole....I dove and didn't look back.

I sold all of my Nikon gear (with the exception of two lenses I still need to sell) in exchange for a new camera.... but not just any camera. I made the change to canon. YES I said canon. I made the change for a multitude of reasons including its video quality as oppose to Nikons. Do I care what most people think? no, I made my decision knowing very well all the consequences both good and bad and I am happy with my decision.

With that being said I not only got a canon.... but I also got a full frame canon. Now a lot of you don't quiet understand what going full frame is like to a photographer, so my best way of describing it is like this

and with that being said, I tested out my new Canon 5D mark ii (since its cheaper now with the mark iii out) and this is what I ended up with

and lastly to give you an idea of its video quality, here you go

Cheers to a NEW chapter in MY pursuit of happiness! 

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