Friday, July 13, 2012

Taste of Chicago

After finishing my last day of summer school (although I still need to take an online final exam) I made it a point to bring my camera with because I had around 5 hours to spare before I had an appointment with my counselor and I wanted to celebrate being free from classes..... so time went by, new music was found and I was able to type this paper for the financial aid office all before my counselor appointment regarding future planning for school :)

After the meeting I found an unusual amount of people in the city and was curious to know what was going on. So after walking, and doing a little quick investigation I came across Michigan ave partially blocked off and that's when it hit me!

*calling dad*

Me- "hey is the Taste of Chicago going on??"
Dad- "Yup I believe so, till this weekend" 

Me+city+full frame camera= photo adventure

So I took off and after checking the whole scene out I took a few pictures and headed home. 

Here's a few from yesterday! 

Gotta get ready for a fellow College Program intern to get here next week right? I'm just scoping the scene out for lindsay, that's all :) 

happy friday folks! 

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