Thursday, May 31, 2012

Calm Down

Disney has a way of bringing people from different backgrounds together and once again I was fortunate enough to meet a new friend before getting down to Florida!

last week I met with a girl who has a way with words. now that I think about it, that's actually how I remembered her and for that I thank you marta

you see while trying out for Disney entertainment in Chicago, I had come across two awesome people who happened to be next to me after the first wave of cuts. Nick and Michelle were practicing their dance to perfection and nerves were flowing through us all as we waited for our time to come. Nick to say it in a nice way was...... GOING BANANAS PRACTICING LIKE A MAD MAN. the mad hatter had nothing on nick that day

Marta- "would you calm down, everything is gonna be ok!" placing her hand on Nick.

As simple as it was, I found myself breathing a little easier along with everyone else after hearing those simple words. it wasn't a life or death situation, it was a tryout and last time I checked we weren't gonna be shunned from Disney World if we didn't make.

Fortunately after we all made it into entertainment (yea me, nick, michelle and Marta!! what were the chances :D ) I found myself coming across Marta again because she happens to arrive the same day as me and with that being said, we got in contact with each other and hung out for the first time :)

here's a few from last week!

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