Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Come on, have another drink with me" - Mom

Full-time Student + Work on the weekends is rough, but I promised myself I would write this post given the day it is!

After getting out of work Saturday night around 1:30 am I somehow made my way to Dominick's since it was open 24/7 and there was a surprisingly high number of people there..... coincidence they were all in the flower area? I think not ;) I have no excuse I admit.... BUT I left with a few things

After getting home and placing everything accordingly I passed out and my momma woke up to these pretty things ;)

and what does my Mom say after seeing them? 

"If you wanna go all out.... you place this here"

*placing a fake butterfly on the flowers*

Following the flowers my mom insisted on a Mojito given the beautiful day we get to enjoy this Sunday and of course she wants me to celebrate with her ;) 

"come on, have another drink"- Mom 

Happy Mother's Day Mom and to all other Mom's such as my Sis and Grandma 

Thanks for putting up with my nonsense over the years, and cheers to many mother's days to come! 

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