Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a week later :: a week closer

It's officially been a week since I last met with Michelle a.k.a. a future college program cast member :)

We stumbled upon each others during the Disney Entertainment tryouts in Chicago and after finding out we both got accepted among some other awesome people we met, we decided to FINALLY hangout last week! 

Me (cell phone)- "where are you?"
Michelle (cell phone)- "sitting in front of DePaul where are you?"

*making eye contact with each other*

Me- "I didn't realize it but..... you really are mouse height" 
Michelle- "hey, whatever gets me into the program"

and off we went to explore the city on the amazing day! 

From the amazing weather and talking about Disney and what we were looking forward to, to walking along the lake shore and Navy Pier we got to know each on a new awesome level. 

Moral of the story? I can't WAIT to meet all these other amazing people in person! oh oh oh AND one week later is another week closer.... closer to Disney!

OH and Michelle, I told you I'd make you photogenic ;)

Happy Tuesday Folks! 

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