Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Preview to the summer. Fest2012 with Lupe Fiasco

8:15 am Tuesday

Me- "ready for the game plan?"
John Daly-"lay it on me"
Me- "After class, take the stairs to the 14th floor and run across to the DePaul Center"
John Daly- "The stairs!?"
Me- "are you joking, do you realize how many people are gonna try and take the elevator after class??"
John Daly- "good point! ok cool"

9:57 am 

Professor- "I STILL have 3 minutes to get through this concept"
Me- *In my head*- "SERIOUSLY"



*running out of class up the stairs and one building over!!!!!*

*1 hour later*

iPhone photo! ;)

Kicking the summer off with some Lupe Fiasco in Chicago is perfectly fine with me

considering it's 2 days before my birthday I gotta finish my under age drinking years with a bang right?  

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