Thursday, November 7, 2013

"Throwback Thursday"

Today, Thursday November 7th is notorious for its weekly social media hash tag on peoples past experiences known as "Throwback Thursday", with photos and past experiences shared to remind us of experiences that we cherish down memory lane.... whether it be good or bad (typically good)

so I thought to myself "why not!" lets partake in the festivities dating to this past weekend and what started off as an extremely bumpy road....

I got fired from my job...(sort of) 

With lack of communication and up to date technology under some fire with certain companies, I found myself fired from my job..... so I had the night off we'll say...

and in retaliation to it all, I wasn't gonna be your typical depressed unemployed student looking for a job now.... so I was waiting... waiting for something to happen... and then it happened. 

*text message from mike* 

"Hey! do you wanna go see Grizmatik tonight for free?" 

no questions asked. 

"YES. when do I have to be ready?"

and so it began, getting my mind off of everything and just enjoying the love I have for music, curious to know where my life was gonna head next knowing I have EDC so soon. and upon entering the venue in Milwaukee (Yes I drove to Milwaukee last minute for Grizmatik) I was given out of no where, two free tickets to see Porter Robinson at the end of November on top of discounted tickets to see Steve Aoki, and Pretty lights. 

talk about crazy Karma right ? 

and to top it all off....already in a good mood, I received a text from my friend Caitlyn saying.... 

"Call work tomorrow, essentially there was a huge misscommunication. and you still have your job"

So you mean to tell me, I was fired for a couple hours and still have my job (essentially had the night off), made it to a show for free, anddddd got free tickets to see Porter Robinson?!?

Sounds like a dream right ? 

trust me I feel the same way. life is good to you sometimes in the strangest of ways. And NOW I'm EDC bound to reunite with one of the greatest groups of people in the world, that I'm fortunate enough to call my family. 

Happy Throwback Thursday Everyone ;)

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