Saturday, March 2, 2013

3 days :: 30 photos

After weeks of working lots of hours, low amounts of sleep, working out and attempting to keep a social life, I found myself trying to go home for a few days!! EXCITED, DETERMINED TO FLY HOME...

It failed....... (we'll leave it at that) 

So what do I do with 3 days off? of course I'll go to the parks, have a photo adventure, catch up on life with friends, create memories, and get all artsy-fartsy when I take some pictures! 

The result?

  • Artsy-fartsy pictures
  • "The grass looked so pretty that I had to lay on it.... till I felt my butt getting progressively wet"- Me
  • A consistently late rabbits' first run down main street
  • My first Character Dining experience!!!!! ..... 38$ later
  • Tigger posing like a Frog because he I knew like mucus....
  • Questionably volunteered/forced to be a guest in Jammin Jungle Parade
  • A mini shoot   
  • A Bear with a hugging talent
  • and pictures from "all over the world"

when things don't go exactly as planned (in my case flying home), make the most of what your left with. 

 I think its safe to say I had a successful few days off. You be the judge! ;)  


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    1. thanks so much luis!!! it means a lot to me :) especially from another photographer

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  3. you have such an incredible eye, Ethan! Love it! :)