Thursday, March 7, 2013

Follow the Duck

When I first got to Disney for this internship over 6 months ago I....

  • Made tons of friends
  • Went to the parks all the time
  • Had a strong dislike for my bed and its comfort 
  • Went out a lot
  • Took tons of pictures 
But ultimately became content with my self, my living standards and my life......  

DON'T get me wrong its still a lot of fun and memorable and all that jazz but I came to realize something after coming across some ducks... literally.

Now at first you're probably thinking "Ethan, they're ducks, your having a life moment with ducks?" but hear me out!!

I found myself following the leader. Everyone did the same thing as the person in front of them would follow in the same footsteps by falling into the "Disney Bubble". Isolating themselves from the rest of the world whether it be family, friends or even the news and Disney has a way of taking advantage of its cast members when that occurs.  I BECAME CONTENT WITH MY TWIN SIZE PLASTIC BED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

So what do I do? after working constantly, eating (literally), sleeping and thinking Disney, I realized I was starting to crack from how tired I was. No matter how much sleep I had, knowing I was going back to Disney for either work or playtime; I was tired and realized I needed to get away. 

and that's exactly what I did! with this (relatively) planned trip, I made my way to California for a few days to witness a life changing event with Swedish House Mafia. 

YES I said Cali... spontaneous much? OH and lets talk about how I trusted some random strangers to pick me up from the airport, give me a ride to in-n-out after they bought one of my extra tickets, and plan to meet up with at the masquerade motel for Swedish House Mafia whom I met on facebook & are turning out to be pretty awesome people...

am I crazy? Well I work for Disney World

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