Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The "Limited Time Magic"

 With a new year here and already a MONTH passing, I've come to really take the time and look at this new concept Disney has...."Limited Time Magic"

At first I was Disappointed with the name (and I know a lot of you felt the same, "lesbihonest") because It gives this idea of a time limit for guests and with only a few days advance notice of what to expect the following week it can be difficult for families to decide what to do, but after watching the weeks unravel with some amazing ideas and some ... not so amazing ideas; I am fortunate enough to say that I am SO happy to be around for this!

From long lost friends, photo adventures and beautiful people, to Football Goofy, "Super Sunday Countdown" and loving friends. The memories we create as this year unfolds never ceases to show us how much we can bond and unite for a company despite its faults we encounter.

I am blessed beyond belief and I love the magic we share together as we continue this never ending Story.

P.s. I LOVE Referee Dale, just sayin :-)

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