Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Dancing Goof

When I was a kid, I use to hate dancing, I felt that everyone laugh at me or didn't want to dance with the "fat kid" (yes world, I use to be super pudgy, so judge me) and it was hard at times to deal with it.

Dancing is an art. its essentially expressing ones body to music to show a connection one has with its surroundings. Sometimes it's erotic, playful, silly, beautiful or mesmerizing, but all in all everyone dances.

Something as little as tapping your foot to a beat, or fully dancing a choreographed routine, everyone dances. Even after I lost my extra pudgy-ness, I started dancing. and you know what? I LOVED IT and after 5 months of waiting while working for the Walt Disney Company, I was FINALLY able to dance with Goofy at Stiches Tomorrowland Dance Party.

I mean come on guys, if there's anyone who could be the definition of embarrassing its Goofy when it comes to dancing, but somehow he just doesn't care.......and I respect this Goof for it

(Thanks Kenneth for helping me get this AMAZING picture of Goofy. he really appreciates it)

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