Monday, August 20, 2012

The not-so-awkward meet up

SO no mater how much I remember how the program fell through my first time around, I still manage to procrastinate blogging, vlogging and editing photos.

I PROMISE I don't mean to do it, I just find my self always busy! Now I could get into detail about the last few days from staying at pop century, spending time with Jenna, and Brandie, Kiry, Frankie, Julie, Ya Ya, Ainsley and Miranda and going to the parks before check in along with House of Blues for my FIRST TIME EVER (and it was AWESOME), but I decided pictures are awesome too especially with awesome friends who impressed me with no awkward moments (except when miranda says "awkward")

Cheers to new adventures, new photos, new friends, amazing experiences, the Disney College Program, and new memories <3

P.S. Earl of Sand-which is HEAVEN

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