Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Adventures in the Windy City

On Friday night we agreed it was too cold to do much of anything involving the streets of the city, so Megan invited me along with her and her brother, Dom, to the movies to check out "Wanderlust"!

If it wasn't for the random naked people, the hippies, the "micro loft", and the "kiaw" - whatever drink it's fully called I don't think I would have been laughing as hysterically as I was muahaha

After the movies, I convinced the two Cali natives to go on a mini journey to Gene and Judes hot dogs, because you CAN NOT come the the Chi town and NOT have a legit chicago style hot dog like those ;)

....two hot dogs devoured later, we're heading back towards their place and we pass the the castle, but not Cinderella's Castle this time....... 

"WHITE CASTLE, Harold and Kumar!"-Dom
"I take it, you've never had one" *borderline crashing* - Me

So of course we make a stop the the mini burger place that got its fame from a Asian and Indian Pot smoking duo :D

After the food journey we had friday, Saturday night me and Megan ventured off one last time through out the city to Navy Pier! not realizing how cold it was we decided to make a not so smart decision by going on the Ferris wheel, but getting a great view of the city made all the freezing well worth it :)

After the Ferris wheel, we made our way around the rest of Navy Pier and called it a night. 

cold was getting to her....

love the stars in this one (: 

although we had to say our goodbyes (or better yet, see you later) I know that in less than two weeks I'll be landing in the beautiful state of California for the first time which means food, pictures, adventures, more food, more pictures, and more adventures and I couldn't be more excited :D 

Happy sunday peeps!  

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