Wednesday, February 15, 2012


912 hours/ 38 days/ 5.5 weeks/ 1 month 8 days

However you wanna calculate it I've overall been missing in action, away from my blog.

Some people may have been wondering where I've been the past few weeks, others could probably careless, either way I'm writing today right now!

I've been missing due to some personal reasons regarding myself and what's going on in my life. Rather than writing about it constantly and having the negativity flowing as a memory on my blog, I chose to take a break from my blog to figure things out with myself as well as a game plan for the next few weeks.

Now I know some people think the worst right away (like myself) but I can reassure everyone that every-things "hella" cool :D

So rather than writing a massively long blog in regards to catching everyone up on my life I decided to catch everyone up visually with my life

Attending Zoe's Volleyball game couldn't have made me anymore happy (: 

Grandpa and Zoe after her game that she won! 
(I decided to post this one and not the next, with my dads facial expression not looking to happy haha)

the timeout before Zoes team made it to the Championship game for her league! 
(Oh yea, they won the championship!!)

Kate and Morgan bring the land down under to the windy city (: love them!

chillin before going into navy pier.... yea this is how we stand around.... awkward

Morgan was.....cold or scared on the ferris wheel .... I think? 

the Bean!

Chicago Water Tower 

the running path

the workout in the lovely fresh snow fall (: it wasn't too bad actually! ;)

Catching up on long lost memories of joy and amazingness :')

celebrating my beautiful mothers birthday (: 

last but not least the "before and after" photo 

this is what thinking and reflecting on what I need to do vs. wanting to do over the next few days, weeks, months and years will get you. 

Thank you to all the people who have been there for me through the thick and thin over the past few weeks. I'm now ready to come back on this Blog full force in my life pursuit of happiness. 

just remember, you only live once. 

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