Wednesday, February 22, 2012

its sometimes crazy how events unfold

After working my butt off and saving my money from work I FINALLY got a hold of my new vertical grip man was it worth the money!!

With all this talk about working and saving my money though, you must be wondering what it's for!? 

well I'm glad you asked!

I decided that in order to continue my traveling I obviously needed to save up enough money, and after roughly 2 months of saving, I have decided to go somewhere for my very first spring break!! See in the past I would usually just be stuck home, working, eating, sleeping or doing school work that some disturbed teacher thought was okay to give to their students, but not this time!!

 I'm done with school on March 9th and within 2 days after that I am taking a flight out west! Since I was invited by my "hella" cool friend Megan to California for spring break!! 

She said that on the way to Arizona for this spring break we'd be checking out Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, and finally finishing up at Havasu, Arizona for a spring break.... "get together" (:

Best part about it? It just so happens that Megan's brother in a attempt to go college searching showed some interest in DePaul University so her parents invited her to the "windy city" to check out what this awesome city has to offer ;) 

So of course I'm playing tour guide AND I'll finally be reunited with my "hella" cool Cali girl tomorrow :D

Let's hope she doesn't freeze her butt off on her current flight here ;) 

My Aussie Friends took this pic of me because they know that some day in the near future I'll be going to Australia to study abroad, It's funny how things unfold though, now that I'm heading in that direction for spring break ;)

Happy Wednesday folks!! 

(Disney point check!)

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