Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Roll Call for the Disney College Program!!!!!!

as the month of august is flying by, I think its time to make the announcement.....

almost a year ago has passed since I began a unforgettable journey in Florida....and as a special thank you to all the memories and shenanigans created in that time frame I have created a movie/documentary/video. w/e you wanna call it and on august 15th as I celebrate my one year anniversary to when I left down the rabbit hole I will post this for the world to see my memories, and the small moments that made my life over the last year "magical"

But wait there's more!!! 

So I decided as a last minute thing to give everyone an opportunity to become apart of my experience over the last year from the Disney college program. shoot me a message, text, facebook post, comment, over night delivery, pigeon delivery (you get the idea) of expressing interest in wanting to be apart of this and I'll explain what to do (it's super easy)!! I know this is last minute, but what I need to complete this video is a little extra magic to make the end just right and what better way than to share this with everyone who was apart of my life over the last year! :) 

 I'm only taking last minute request till 5pm tomorrow the 14th so act fast and give a helping hand in letting others know!

the more the merrier !! I hope to here from a couple of you soon. 

Till then, back to work! 

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