Friday, April 26, 2013

The Inevitable

Sitting here in the spare room at the Magic Kingdom my mind starts to drift.... so many mixed emotions, memories, and thoughts...

"Where has the time gone?"

.... almost eight months here and I'm questioning the life I created and the one I put on pause.

I knew the Inevitable would happen for a few months, but I didn't see this coming as soon as it's happening. two weeks ago I was given the news that caught me off guard and would ultimately continue the previous life I once lived.

I'm heading home May 10th after my Disney College Program.

Now at first I didn't know how to write this post because I was legitimately sad I'm not gonna lie.... but instead of making this a pity party where I eat ice cream all day in the hopes of gaining a six pack, I'm gonna change it up. 

 Lets rewind a quick second though....

months ago I went through the consideration of staying here in Florida. I was more than happy with creating memories both at work and outside of work with amazing friends who I met from all over the world, but after much thought and "big boy" decisions, I decided to go home finish school, take care of student loans and make a big future investment for myself because I know my 35 year old self will kick my 21 year old self if I don't do this. 

knowing this I decided that I prolong my stay here for as long as my college program would be. With the hopes of being able to stay here through the summer till August, I neglected to prepare for the worst..... my extension was denied. A little taken back from this I went from an extra three months to one month.... 

With the help of some really amazing friends I've had here for months and ones I met recently over the last few weeks I made the last couple weeks something extremely special to me. And now.... with two weeks officially left till I pause this current life to press "play" on my previous life I'm slowly realizing the results of insomnia, but the resulting memories are 100% worth it. 

from crazy night adventures with the group from "down under", to a hatter who took one too many trips down the rabbit hole, there seems to never be a dull moment in my life. And when the dancing bears and chipmunks pass, "wanna know a secret? promise not to tell?" "all you need is faith, trust.... and a little pixie dust" to help you finish one chapter of your life and go on to continue the next. 

"no one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep"

lets make the next two weeks worth remembering

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